Join the Stem Cell Network

Every good deed matters, big or small. But saving a life is about as extreme as you can get in the good-deed department. One of the first good deeds I did during my 50-day campaign has the potential to do just that. I joined the stem cell/bone marrow network (called One Match) operated by Canadian Blood Services. More than 70 percent of Canadians who need transplants can’t find a match among their own family members. That means that their only hope is to find a stranger somewhere in the world whose stem cells are compatible with theirs. Joining the network is easy – all you do is mail a cheek swab – and you’re automatically part of an international database. You could literally save the life of someone on the other side of the world.

Tonight, a group of Sport and Event Marketing post-graduate students at George Brown College in Toronto have planned a bowling event to raise funds and awareness for One Match. What a fabulous idea. Twenty bucks gets you bowling, pizza and prizes. And a chance to do a great deed. Call 647-289-1195 to talk to one of the students about details.

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