Give Your Dapper Duds a Second Life

A friend tweeted recently about Dress Your Best. This charity collects donations of gently used clothing for a good cause: setting up disadvantaged job-seekers with an office wardrobe and image consulting so they’ll have a better shot at interviews and long-term employment. Although Dress Your Best is Toronto-based, there are over 100 affiliates around the world.

When I heard about the group, I knew I had a few officey items at the back of my closet that could definitely be doing more than hobnobbing with the turtleneck sweaters. But would I have time to take a trip to the charity’s headquarters during its very specific drop-off times? Would it be worth it for just a few pieces of clothing? Have I mentioned I have giant-hearted neighbours? I circulated an e-mail to other women in my community suggesting we do a joint effort. Within a few days, several others had promised to bring by clothing to add to the collection pile. I also received at least two offers to make the delivery downtown. Some acts of kindness gather strength in numbers.

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