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Instant Karma: It Really IS Gonna Get You

So I was listening to the wise words of John Lennon the other day. This was a man who knew full well that what goes around comes around. According to his sage prophecy, instant karma is gonna get you. In fact, it’s gonna look you right in the face. Furthermore, Lennon advises that you better get yourself together, darlin’, and join the human race. Says our friend Johnny: You should make an effort to recognize your brothers and, for that matter, everyone you meet.

This is closely in line with what a social psychologist suggested a couple of weeks ago when I chatted with her for an upcoming magazine article. She didn’t exactly use the words “instant karma” or hint that anything is actually “gonna get you.” But she did point out that when people have good deeds done unto them, they’re more likely to give back. They pay it forward. And then society benefits as a whole.

So when we do good turns, there’s our instant karma: We’re more likely to have a good turn done to us – if not by the person we specifically helped, then by someone else in our community.

Do keep in mind that Lennon’s use of the karma concept has been hijacked from Hindu philosophy and pretty well bastardized, I mean westernized. Karma in the true sense of the word is not a jar of coffee – it doesn’t work instantly.

But for the purposes of this blog post, and John’s famous song, it makes the point.

Remember, John Lennon thinks you’re a superstar. And we all shine on.

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