Knuckle-Dragging Do-Gooders

U.K. archaeologists at the University of York have discovered a new side of Neanderthals: They were nice. By studying what is known of their skeletal remains, researchers found that hundreds of thousands of years ago, these primitive people were acting with compassion. Several individuals with serious injuries or disabilities who could never have survived on their own actually lived many years past their accidents. That proves that people cared enough to look after them. These ancient folk may have been short and hairy with bad teeth, but they were performing kindnesses every day. Modern-day Good Samaritans needn’t be smug. We’ve been doing this for a very long time.

I first heard about this discovery on CBC’s As It Happens. Lead researcher Dr. Penny Spikins was interviewed; you can listen to the broadcast online.

Speaking of evolved humans, remember Mark, the everyman at home in his underwear? Not long after he reached his 25,000 “Like” milestone on Facebook – a mere seven days into his clothing-free campaign – the sponsor of his fundraiser, Stanfield’s Ltd., raised the stakes. If he hits 50,000 Likes, the Canadian underwear manufacturer will double its original pledge and donate $50,000 for testicular cancer awareness. As of today (Day 13) he’s at about 39,000. So if you haven’t yet shown your support, check out his website to find out what you can do to help.

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