About a Billion Reasons

In my last post I wrote about a hungry man in my own community. Today I’m writing about hunger thousands of miles away.

According to the World Food Programme, a United Nations initiative to fight hunger in all parts of the planet, the number of people living without enough food will surpass a billion this year. That’s more than the population of Canada, the United States and the European Union combined. And since that’s also about the same number of people who use the Internet, the WFP figures some matchmaking is in order. We online folks are well positioned to help hungry people because we can spread the word, advocate and fundraise to ease this global problem, all through our Internet connections.

And what if you only have forty seconds? That’s just about how long it took me to feed a hungry child. Thanks to an anonymous donor, every time one of us takes this short online quiz about world hunger, a malnourished child will receive a meal.

So while you’re sipping your morning coffee and contemplating that second doughnut, why not take a quick time-out and complete the quiz? You have nothing to lose, and a child thousands of miles away has everything to win.

2 responses to “About a Billion Reasons

  1. Your link to the quiz doesn’t work. I’ve never heard of this group. I have no idea what their administration fees are. Ever since I read that the UNESCO president makes over a million in salary I am totally burned by giving to organizations that use starving children to fill their own pockets.
    Look at the millions that poured into Haiti and people are still in tents and dying of cholera. Who can we give money to for these causes who don’t cream huge admin fees off the top?

  2. Thanks Veronica, the link has been fixed (I forgot the essential http-colon-slash-slash)! I’m sure you’re right to be cynical about some fundraising initiatives. In this case, completing the quiz does not involve a money donation, only time.

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