Hot off the Press

Ever wonder why you’re such a kind soul? Turns out evolution has a whole lot to do with it. Researchers have been uncovering evidence that helping others has all kinds of benefits for our individual survival.

Back in September, I mentioned I was working on a magazine story about the science behind why we human beans do good. I spoke with several experts for this topic. I also solicited a series of beautiful tales about acts of compassion from across Canada.

I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat, so I’m pleased to say you can now read all about it in the brand-new December issue of Reader’s Digest. My feature, “The Science of Being Nice,” starts on page 66 of this issue.

I’m also making an appearance on the Reader’s Digest website. Click here to read a bit of background about my own interest in good deeds. I then invite you to scroll to the bottom of the article or click this link to submit your story about a good deed you’ve done, or an especially meaningful act of kindness you’ve witnessed or benefited from. What helping moments have stuck with you?

I’m hoping we’ll see lots of your anecdotes. If you need any more convincing, keep in mind that simply writing about a good deed is in itself a good deed. That’s because your story will inspire other people to go out and make a difference. So check out the page, write a line or two about your experience, click Submit and pat yourself on the back. Just because helping others is good for us doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the warm fuzzies that come with it.

2 responses to “Hot off the Press

  1. My son was born with several health issues including, eating, breathing and sleeping problems. I had some wonderful people give me help and advice during some very trying days and nights before and after his surgery. Because of this, when I was later teaching Parenting classes, I worked especially hard to find resources for the parents enrolled in my classes who needed them. This was my way of paying forward for them during their stressful days and nights. I kept in touch with some of the moms and they still say that it was the best program they ever attended.

  2. Hi Judy, glad to hear from you. I think after we’ve been on the receiving end of help when it was sorely needed, we’re often likely to pay it forward simply because we know what a huge difference it can make. It sounds like you found a lasting way to give back.

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