Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

To Every Thing There is a Season… But That Can Change

As we continue the countdown to the holidays, there’s a noticeable spike in good deeds. I don’t mean the holding-the-door, complimenting-the-coiffeur sort of good deeds. I’m talking about those random acts of kindness that make it to the papers.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, for instance, anonymous donors have been combing the streets, handing out hundred-dollar bills from their own pockets to strangers who look like they need it. In Ottawa, after a university student’s cellphone was stolen out of her hands (she happens to be blind), a group of Rogers employees decided to pool their Christmas bonuses to buy her a new one. Another news outlet reports that at a ski resort in Newry, Maine, 250 do-gooders got onto the slopes for free last Sunday, so long as they wore a Santa outfit and donated ten dollars each towards holiday gifts for local needy children.

They’re terrific stories. And in the month of December, there are lots of them. Which is also wonderful. We know that observing acts of altruism makes us more inclined to behave altruistically ourselves. So far, so good.

But I’d love to start a new trend: Gabbing about good deeds in January. And then chatting about charity in February. And then conversing about kindnesses in March. And so on through the year before I run out of witty examples of alliteration.

Stay with me. This blog doesn’t go on hiatus after the holidays. We’ll go on yapping about the topic of giving all year ’round.