Bloody Convenient

If you’re a Twilight character, you might think of the Bloodmobile as meals on wheels. But for those mere mortals among us, it’s a new way to collect lifesaving blood donations. This spiffy, self-contained blood donor clinic can travel to you, instead of the other way around. Inside the vehicle, up to four people can give blood at once. There’s even a coffee bar. Check out this video of the comfy interior: I could take a road trip to the west coast in this thing!

The first Bloodmobiles in Toronto and Vancouver rolled out last fall. They’re massive, at 45 feet long. Forget the road trip. You could move the contents of your house in a truck this size. An older, smaller model roams the Ottawa streets.

They’re meant to be more convenient than the traditional clinics in malls and office buildings. The word Canadian Blood Services uses for these blood buggies is “donor-centric.” They show up at your home or workplace like a reliable taxicab. And they can be there after hours or on weekends, if that’s what suits you.

And how about this, for those über-organizers who walk the earth (you know you’re out there): you can actually host a Bloodmobile event in your neighbourhood! Imagine bringing the Bloodmobile to your next book club, or parking it beside your street party or yard sale. Fun, fun, fun.

I’ve harped on this before: Canadian Blood Services says there’s a desperate demand for tens of thousands of fresh donors to meet the growing need for blood. Every time you donate, you’re potentially saving up to three lives. That’s three good reasons, right there, to become a blood donor. But only a tiny portion of us – less than two percent – are currently blood donors. We’re more likely to be farmers than blood donors. We’re more likely to have cancer than be blood donors. For Pete’s sake, we’re more likely to be GoodLife Fitness members than blood donors.

If you’ve never given blood before, why not give the Bloodmobile a try? Don’t you want an excuse to use the word donor-centric? And isn’t it worth it just for the cushy seats?

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