Lookin’ For Fun and Feelin’ Lazy…

Whew! We’ve made it through 11 days of February, and that’s saying something. Since I’m feeling rather sleepy, dopey and lazy (I think I just named three of the seven dwarves), I figure it’s a good day to talk about doing good while barely lifting a finger.

This isn’t all my idea. I found it on some guy’s website – which I won’t link to, because the site itself was a tad cheesy. But the concept is engaging: Lazy acts of kindness. For all those people who feel too generally wiped out to make positive change in the world.

On his web page, the guy suggests you let another driver pull out in front of you in traffic. Or make a helpful but halfhearted reach for an item another person has dropped, to show your good intentions (I guess it’s the thought that counts). These are acts that require little or no energy output, but can still make another person feel better.

If I think about it, I’m the queen of easy-peasy deeds. When I see a water main leaking (twice and counting, in the past six months), I don’t roll up my sleeves, drill through the asphalt and set about to repair it. I just dial a number and tell someone. When I spot a suspicious character out in public breaking a law (again, twice in the past little while), I don’t confront the guy or make a citizen’s arrest. I call the police. When the world caves in for someone I care about, I don’t even begin to think I can fix everything that has gone wrong. Instead, I give her a listening ear and a hug.

Last night, my dinner companion sent her compliments to the chef – we didn’t even have to stop eating for that. Got any more ideas? How can you make a difference without breaking a sweat? I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, I’ll try to live by the credo posted on the website I visited, because it makes me smile: “We should help out a fellow human being whenever we can… even if it’s by the laziest means possible.”

3 responses to “Lookin’ For Fun and Feelin’ Lazy…

  1. Hi Lisa! I love your blog! I recently paid for a woman’s frozen yogurt after she left the store. She had put it on her tab and told the owner she would pay him after she got paid at the end of the month.

  2. Thanks, Susanna! What a great thing you did. Imagine how the woman will feel when she comes back to pay for her treat and finds out someone else already took care of it. Does it qualify as a lazy act of kindness? How many calories can a person burn reaching for their wallet?

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