Daily Archives: February 19, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Up for a little self-analysis? I came across a diverting online tool the other day. Now, I’m not usually one for those relatively meaningless quizzes. I don’t tend to feel all that fulfilled by establishing, once and for all, which Jersey Shore character I am or who my celebrity boyfriend might be. (Besides, it’s already quite clear that my TV-star soulmate is Josh Holloway.)

But this quiz, posted on planet Oprah, poses the question: “What Kind of Volunteer Are You?” Of course it grabbed my attention, so I dutifully responded to the five multiple-choice questions. Not all of them seem to have a direct connection to volunteering, but apparently they reveal critical personality traits.

My results? Apparently I’m a mix of the Untapped Volunteer and the Inspired Volunteer, with zero tendencies towards the New Breed Volunteer (which is okay, because that one just sounds like some kind of fancy dog). And when I read the descriptions, they actually do reflect my life somewhat. Although I suppose it could just be the horoscope phenomenon.

What I like most, though, about this quiz is the range of ideas offered up in the final analysis. Read through it: There are several suggestions as to where your passion, skills and lifestyle might find a fit.

As I’ve written before, there’s not much point in volunteering if you don’t find it engaging. You’re not likely to last, and you may not give it your all. So I’m all for any gimmick, even an online quiz, that can help you discover your niche.