Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

Bagged Another One

Back in February I mentioned that I had started collecting plastic milk bags. My mother planned to pass them on to her friend, who is making them into sleeping mats. These waterproof, bug-resistant mats go to people in need all over the world, while reducing plastic in landfill because it upcycles the bags. On this blog I mentioned I’d received a supersized response from the community, including several neighbours and an entire school.

I can’t tell you how many bags I’ve now received, mainly because I doubt I can count that high. But as of today there are four cardboard boxes in my basement stuffed full of the things. And more are still pouring in (ah, I just can’t get away from these milk puns!).

Originally the bags were directed to my mom’s pal. But then Mom, who’s always been a crafty sort of person, picked up the challenge – and her crochet hook. She asked me to search online for a how-to manual. I knew once she put her mind to it she’d churn these out like a pro. When I was growing up my mom sewed me clothes, knitted me sweaters and crocheted me numerous intricate little Christmas decorations. So what’s one or two rectangular sleeping mats? And have I already said that my mom’s the ultimate good-deed guru?

I sent her these instructions. The result: Mom’s now almost finished her first mat. Check her out in the pic below, beaming proudly over her new project.

Now she’s hankering for her next milk-bag delivery. It’s kind of ironic, considering that she can’t stand drinking milk herself. But clearly lots of people around here are guzzling the good stuff, because the bags are still coming.

My mom is holding her partly finished milk bag mat

Good on ya, Mom!