Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Today, Get Trashed

So what are you doing this afternoon at two o’clock? No, I’m not hitting on you. What I’m wondering is whether your city has organized a twenty-minute makeover. Mine has. So have several other Ontario cities.

The deal is that when the hour hits two, you grab a trash bag, step outside your school, home or place of work and spend a bit of time picking up whatever bits of litter have landed around you.

I’m frequently harping on the fact that it only takes a few minutes to make a difference. In this case, it’s just twenty minutes. That’s not a huge amount of time to steal from your staff meeting or algebra lesson (some would argue that both are unproductive anyway). Multiply that by the population of your town, and it means potentially millions of minutes collectively spent making your community greener, healthier and more appealing.

You may be wearing dirty gloves instead of a superhero cape. But by cleaning up your corner of the world, you’ll surely have an impact.

I’m working at home today. So when two o’clock hits I’ll be out in my own neighbourhood, scooping up the food wrappers and scraps of paper that surfaced as the snow receded. I live on a quiet street, so there won’t exactly be a party going on while I do this.

But if I know you’re out there somewhere too, I’ll feel the vibe.