Running in Undies

Kudos to thousands of students across the continent who are streaking around campus this month in their underwear. The Undie Run is an annual awareness event to raise funds and clothing donations for people in need. It seems its three founders have hit on a winning combination, as they express on their website a collective fondness for charity, college and running around in nothing but skivvies.

One post-secondary institution that participated this year for the first time was the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The school managed to corral a couple of hundred of its students into stripping down for a good cause, and collected 440 pounds of donated clothing in the process. What was one student’s motivation? As he told his local paper, “How often can you run around campus in your underwear without being considered a total weirdo?” Apparently that works for a lot of people.

But being the fickle month of May, it turned out to be rather chilly and drizzly the day of the event. Co-founder Kyle Kuhlmann says they’re thinking about switching the annual skinfest to a warmer time of year, since it might possibly attract more participants. (Ya think?)

In the meantime, pants off – I mean, hats off to all of them for coming up with a fun way to support an important cause. Smells like teen spirit for sure.

3 responses to “Running in Undies

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  2. Give the kids at Boston College credit theyve got nuns marching all up in that school and they must have given quite a few of them a shock when they ran around campus very very defrocked. Buckeyes when buck wild this week storming around their campus and bringing in tons of clothing for charity.

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