From the Files of the Fancy Fascinator

We all laughed our heads off at Princess Bea’s wedding hat. This mass hysteria could have been blamed on a combination of zero coffee and the early hour of the royal wedding. But during the hours and days that followed, the Beatrice buzz only grew.

It wasn’t the first time this royal wedding guest has worn weirdness on her noggin – at other events she’s been seen sporting a set of butterflies and a wacky white dish as head-toppers. This one, however, certainly garnered the most attention.

The sculpture-like sombrero is properly called a fascinator. Wedding watchers have variously referred to it as a corkscrew, a pretzel, a toilet seat and a uterus. And what do you call that colour? Pale puce doesn’t even come close. Several of the more creative types wasted no time Photoshopping Beatrice’s hat into odd pictures – here’s one of the more disturbing examples.

Now who’s having the last laugh? Princess Bea has managed to sell her infamous headpiece on eBay for over 80,000 pounds (almost $130,000). All the money is going to agencies that help third-world children.

I’ve raised my respect level for this young royal. She’s taken the talk of the town and turned it into an astounding act of charity. Yay for you, Miss Bea.

P.S. I’m far from a Photoshop artist, but I couldn’t resist trying on this latest fashion statement. What do you think – does it make me look fat?

Lisa wears a fascinator

All dressed up and, thankfully, no place to go!

2 responses to “From the Files of the Fancy Fascinator

  1. Lorin MacDonald

    Great post, Lisa! Young Bea has no doubt torn a page out of Mum’s book on how to spin a disaster. Good on her, I say!

  2. Me too – love what she’s done. As for the person who shelled out almost $130,000 for the thing… I have no words!

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