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Sophia Makes a Difference, Too

When Sophia Kofoed was six, she wrote a story about a fictional girl named Isabella who finds a successful way to make the world a better place – after her first two ideas sort of bomb. It’s called Isabella Makes a Difference, and it’s a wonderful tale about creativity, perserverance and collaboration. Mighty big ideas for a small first-grader, but this is a pretty special little student.

Now that she’s the ripe old age of nine, Sophia, who lives with her family in California, has had her story self-published as a hardcover picture book. Little sis Kiara did the colourful drawings.

Not only is the story well written (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – mom’s a writer too), but she packs the book with lots of bonuses. She includes lists of charity websites that might interest kids, blank note pages for goal planning, and a backstory to inspire other children to make positive changes.

And here’s the part that makes you want to just hug her: With every book she sells, Sophia plans to donate part of the proceeds to elementary schools. Naturally. By telling others how they can make a difference, this budding author is, well, making a difference.

Sophia, California is a little too far away for a hug. But here’s a sideways heart for you… ❤ I hope you like it. It’s the best I can do from 2,000 miles away.

Book Cover of Isabella Makes a Difference

My copy of the beautiful book is personally autographed by the author and the illustrator – no charge for the happy face and the pencil-crayoned heart.