DON’T Curb Your Enthusiasm

Dear readers, happy International Enthusiasm Week! According to the cloud, September 1 to 7 is dedicated to demonstrating enthusiasm for every person, project and possibility you happen to meet. So if total strangers beam at you, babble happily to your adorable (but of course he is) baby, or gush over your midcentury-chic skirt, they’re probably just getting into the spirit of the season.

Of course, it could be that they’re in a good mood because today also happens to be a birthday shared by a trio of Hollywood hunks, namely Keanu Reeves, Mark Harmon and Tuc Watkins. (I don’t want to play favourites, but let’s just say that Keanu is the only one whose name appears on my freebie list.) And there’s lots of other celebrations going on right now, too: September is Biscuit Month, Chicken Month, Yoga Month and Head Lice Prevention Month. So very many reasons to smile.

Seriously, though, I don’t think we need to confine our enthusiasm for others to a single week of the year, do we? Just as it’s not a good idea to save nit inspections for only September. But if establishing an International Enthusiasm Week gets more people practising positive vibes in their daily lives, then why not? Right now I’m feeling very enthusiastic about a strong cup of coffee. Does that count?

What, or who, are you enthusiastic about this week?

Child with very enthusiastic expression

How soon do we start?

2 responses to “DON’T Curb Your Enthusiasm

  1. Connie McCullough

    I just wanted to let you know that I had met with a young girl from Goderich
    and was one of the victims of the tornado. She told me that the fellow who
    runs Mark’s Work Warehouse has been letting people come in and buy socks, underwear, steel toed boots, etc. and he is paying out of his own pocket. Mark’s has also been letting people purchase (for free up to $100 for socks, underwear
    , etc.

  2. Wow, Connie, thanks for sharing that story! I have a friend in Goderich too and I know they’ve had a pretty miserable time of it. Sometimes it takes a disaster like this, though, to find out who the superheroes are.

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