Gimme Gimme Always Gets

My relatively new buddy Larry in B.C. posted something on Facebook yesterday too delicious not to share: “Larry likes to give gifts, and realizes that receiving a gift is as important as giving a gift.”

Now that’s an interesting twist… remember when you were six years old, and getting a new Hot Wheels racer or Cabbage Patch Kid was actually pretty nifty? Is Larry saying that in our devotion to giving, we’ve lost sight of that childish joy of getting?

He went on to write: “And what I like to get from other people the most is a person’s presence, even if it’s a minute of their time, a genuine hello, and honest hug, or a legit high five, to treat me with honour, integrity and to be true… it is the greatest gift I can get from anyone.

“This is what fuels my soul and my spirit.”

Aw now, Larry, that’s just sweet. I have a sudden urge to brush my teeth.

Some of you longtime readers may remember Larry as the well-grounded hero from the case of the foiled convenience store robbery. I’ve come to know him as a guy who defends what he believes in and doesn’t hold back.

So if Larry thinks we ought to cherish what we’re given, and not just what we give, he’s probably right. Today, I’m going to appreciate the five minutes of neighbour chitchat I stopped for on my morning walk. I’m going to be glad for the carpool that’s bringing my daughter home from choir rehearsal so I don’t have to. And if somebody happens to drop in unexpected with a sushi lunch… I’m just saying, I won’t turn you away. (Oh, and spicy salmon hand rolls are my fave.)

What are you receiving today that’s important?

A group of Cabbage Patch dolls in a crib

Since I’m not six anymore, I’d really prefer to hold out for a salmon roll.

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