Daily Archives: September 23, 2011

Euphoria in Utah

They’re being hailed as the Utah Heroes. But when this clip was first circulated, I honestly didn’t want to watch it. I have a low tolerance for video horror, and the words “burning wreckage” in the clip title had me ready to shut down my browser.

Then I found out this group of “let’s-roll” do-gooders have been credited for saving a young man’s life. And putting their own safety on the line to do it.

After a 21-year-old motorcyclist collided with a BMW, he was trapped under the smoking car, unable to move or speak, his own bike violently in flames beside him. Bystanders rushed to help the accident victim, despite admitting later that they honestly thought there was no hope.

But between the eight of them, they managed to lift the edge of the car and drag Brandon Wright to safety. It ended up making the difference between life and death. The whole thing was filmed from the ninth floor of a Utah State University building and posted to YouTube.

In a group interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, it was clear the crisis had brought out the best in this group. One very young woman confessed: “Usually I’m really not good under pressure.” She surprised herself.

And in typical hero fashion, another guy told a reporter: “I don’t consider myself a hero. It’s just our humanity… Everyone is going to help.”

Wright is badly injured, but recovering. “I should have died several times, but I didn’t… it just makes life that much more precious to me,” he said in a video shown on Ellen. “That car could have blown up at any time, and just how brave they are, is crazy. I’m forever in debt to them.”

Ellen DeGeneres helped Wright start to repay that debt by giving the do-gooders all their very own car jacks with her face on them. Apparently, no vehicle should be without. Oh, and she handed them each tickets for a Caribbean cruise.

Richly deserved. Karma is bigger when a TV star hears about your heroism.