Midlife Rambler

Today is World Menopause Day. Being the intellectually curious type, I checked out the website of the International Menopause Society… and promptly laughed my head off, since it all seems to be made up of men. Last time I checked, menopause was a pretty female-specific experience.

I won’t get too personal about my own proximity to the change of life, but let’s just say that although I’ve sworn to my only-lonely daughter that the baby factory is closed forever, it’s probably operable for a scant couple more years. Still, it never hurts to know what lies ahead.

Naturally there are all kinds of purported remedies for the symptoms of menopause, from soy to sage to snakeroot. My favourite, though, is the suggestion that doing good deeds will help stave off some of the moodier effects of menopause. At least we know that one works.

What’s also neat is a recent study that tracked cranky folks throughout their workday. We don’t know how many of these employees were menopausal, but researchers did find that people who started the day in bad moods had a greater tendency to perform acts of altruism – and subsequently feel better. Crummy moods apparently compel us to do nice things. Hot flashes or not, nature knows how to get us out of a funk.

Speaking of good deeds, anyone catch the new episode of House on TV last night? Hm, extreme altruism as a symptom of a serious medical problem… care to discuss?

2 responses to “Midlife Rambler

  1. It is interesting that the IMS is made up of men, but hey, if it helps them understand what women go through, that’s a good thng. Having gone through the change not once, but twice, (once surgically induced, the other at nature’s whim) there were indeed days I was cranky–to say the least. I can tell you that anything that helps get you out of the house and focusing on something else is good. Helping others or doing something nice for someone helps you “get over yourself.”
    I didn’t see the latest episode of “House” but it is a good show.

  2. Thank you for the comment! I’m glad to hear a first-person account that confirms the value of focusing outside yourself. Congrats for enduring menopause twice… we are women, hear us roar.

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