A Good Deed for a Good Paws

Convinced your dog is the cutest pooch on the planet? If you uploaded your pet’s mug shot to the Fido Casting Call contest before yesterday’s deadline, it’s quite possible I voted for him or her. Visitors to the website were free to pick as many winning pups as they wished, and each vote earned a dollar for Lions Foundation of Canada’s guide dog program. The dog that tallies up the most votes will be photographed for an upcoming Fido phone ad, along with VIP treatment at a hotel and doggy spa. (I think the owner gets to tag along too.)

Talk about an easy good deed. I sat at my computer, clicked on a lot of super-cute furry faces, and voted for all the dogs I wanted to kidnap and take home immediately. There were many. If your pet was raising one furry little eyebrow, doing the irresistible doggy head tilt or just gazing with please-pick-me in his eyes, he got my vote. Suffice it to say, Fido’s donation for guide dogs spiked considerably.

(Now all I have to do is hide the website from my daughter. She’s allergic to dogs, but that doesn’t stop her pining for one. She recently penned her Christmas wish list and ended it with: “A gecko – preferably one that looks and acts like a dog.” Santa, can we get right on that?)

P.S. Sincere apologies for the stinky-bad pun in the title of this post. If you have something better, please share (and if you have something even stinker, that’s fun too!).

Extremely cute labradoodle-mix dog

“You like me… you REALLY like me!”

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