Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

That’s the Ticket

Wouldn’t you rather pay for your parking tickets with karma instead of cash? Yesterday a B.C.-based parking management company was offering a special deal to drivers with past parking violations: Bring your unpaid tickets to one of four Salvation Army locations, donate a new toy for a needy child for the holiday season, and wipe your record crystal-clean. A spokesperson for the Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (Impark) claimed there’d be no limit imposed. Got 10, 11, 12 tickets? Give a dozen Let’s Rock Elmos or Nerf Vortex Nitron Blasters, and all fines would be forgiven.

It’s dubbed Toys for Tickets. “It’s a spectacular event. It usually draws a huge crowd,” Senior VP Julian Jones told a reporter in the week leading up to the event. “We raise just a huge number of toys and it’s a great amount of goodwill.”

All in all, thousands of unpaid parking tickets – along with even more toys – were turned in yesterday to four B.C. locations. “The people were very generous with the toys that they donated. It was beyond successful,” an obviously elated Sally-Ann spokesperson told the media.

If you live elsewhere in Canada and have a big heart (not to mention a sordid history of parking violations), take note. Toys for Tickets events are planned for other communities in the upcoming weeks, like Red Deer and St. Albert in Alberta, and Niagara Falls and Oshawa in Ontario.

Now if only someone would launch a Toys for Utility Bills…