Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

Online with Open Hearts

One of the advantages of keeping a blog about good deeds is that you’re in a position to take the pulse of the world. Well, maybe it’s not so grandiose as all that. But this blog does have the capacity to track the various ways in which visitors chance to come by. Stopovers at 50 Good Deeds have been spiking this week, and I suspect it’s no coincidence that this is traditionally the time of year when we turn over a proverbial new leaf. (Or a real one, I guess, if your new year’s resolution happens to fall under the heading of horticulture.)

Case in point is the “search terms” section of my blog stats. This is the list of top phrases people everywhere on the globe have been plugging into search engines this week to get here. Naturally, “good deeds” and “50 good deeds” top the list. But they’re also joined by a host of creative variations: “random good deeds,” “good deeds for other people,” “good deed stories,” “daily good deed ideas,” “do more good deeds,” “really good deeds” (that one makes me laugh – no small-potatoes acts of kindness for this cyber researcher!).

A couple of the search terms are rather unexpected, like “milk puns” (just what is a milk pun? Is that like saying a milking stool has only three legs because the cow has the udder?) There’s also “happy birthday mo cake” – I don’t know quite what this person means either, but I can still get on board with it.

Getting back to the good-deed search terms, it’s clear evidence, I think, that a whole lot of warm-hearted web users are looking for some inspiration this week. Generosity is a natural impulse, after all. And I do believe there are a lot of folks out there who’ve made up their minds to be kinder in 2012.

What a pick-me-up. Signing off for now – I have a sudden craving for a glass of milk and mo’ cake.