I Do… Without Being Asked

What’s the secret to utter wedded bliss? No, it’s not tranquilizers. According to the National Marriage Project, a research initiative at the University of Virginia, it’s doing good deeds for your partner.

We already know that acts of kindness can generate positive feelings for both the giver and the getter. So maybe that’s why those spouses who make their mates’ favourite casseroles, brush the snow off their cars in the morning and text them compliments while they’re at work are laughing all the way to their golden anniversaries. The researchers say that generosity towards each other is one of the top three most important factors in a happy marriage, along with satisfaction in the sack and commitment to the partnership.

Mother Teresa advised: “We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.” So if you’re consistently remembering to put the toilet seat down while nurturing nothing but the deepest affection for your spouse, I’d say you’re well on your way to a long-lasting, thrilling partnership.

Close-up picture of a wedding bouquet

2 responses to “I Do… Without Being Asked

  1. You’re so right that it’s the little things that make all the difference. One of our biggest ones is to say “thanks” when the other has put some effort into keeping things, and us, going–whether it’s taking care of a household chore, making dinner, or whatever the other person has done. Recognizing the effort is what’s important.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Christine. Even those close to us deserve acknowledgement and appreciation when they do things for us… or should I say, ESPECIALLY those close to us.

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