Daily Archives: January 31, 2012

Bite-Sized Acts of Benevolence

One of the benefits of blogging here – besides the big fun and warm fuzzies – is that I get invited to write about good deeds for other websites and magazines. This is the month we’re all thinking about New Year’s resolutions, so my latest contribution to Best Health magazine’s website is a self-help story about super-easy acts of kindness.

I was inspired by a recent report from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina. A clinical psychologist at the centre’s Family Medicine department made the point that New Year’s resolutions often fail because we reach for the moon. We’d be more likely to succeed, said the report, if we focused on small potatoes when we’re planning change.

That’s why I’ve written about teeny-tiny ways to help. They’re easier to stick with, and they can still do heaping amounts of good. As I wrote in the article: “If you’ve determined you’ll run a charity marathon each month or build an orphanage, you’re a lot more likely to scrap your plans by spring.” But when you lower the bar of benevolence, you’ll meet your mark more often.

Is it lazy? No, it’s smart. Set a resolution you can keep, and you’ll change the world. Click here to read the full story.