The Groundhog Way

Here’s the burning question: Did any of Wiarton Willie, Balzac Billy or Punxsutawney Phil see a shadow yesterday? According to national news (yes, this makes national news), the forecasts made by various notable rodents across North America yesterday certainly varied. In other words, not too reliable. But it’s a fun tradition – so long as, I suppose, you don’t ask the groundhogs who’re thrust into the spotlight. Another tradition: watching Groundhog Day the movie, inevitably aired on TV this time every year.

In case it isn’t part of your own holiday tradition, here’s the run-through: The flick, made in 1993, features the incorrigible Bill Murray as an arrogant, egocentric weatherman stuck in a time loop. He’s destined to repeat Groundhog Day, over and over, until he gets it right. What does that mean? He’s got to become a better person, doing more acts of niceness and fewer of narcissism.

Hubby and I have seen this motion picture more than once. But this was the first year our 12-year-old daughter watched along with us. We got to dissect the storyline to death afterwards, discussing personal development and moral character and noble virtues and junk and stuff. Good times.

By the way, anyone who doubts Bill Murray’s sense of humour should take 10 minutes for this video spoof about fact-checking, which has for years made the rounds in writers’ and editors’ circles. For further evidence, check out his self-deprecating cameo in Zombieland (you’ll never look at Purell quite the same way again). That’s all I’ll say. Happy Groundhog Day, and may you always be of noble character… and junk and stuff.

A scene from the Groundhog Day movie

Bill Murray and his woodchuck chum take a joyride without consequences in Groundhog Day.

2 responses to “The Groundhog Way

  1. Ah, Bill Murray. One of the great comic actors of our times. Groundhog Day rocks – so many classic lines. Does it match the hilarious antics of Caddyshack though? Hard to say.

  2. I’ll have to dig that one out again… it’s been so many years (dare I say decades?) since I’ve watched Caddyshack. But there are a number of other Bill Murray movies I’ve known and loved. Definitely a talent. Thanks for the comment!

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