One Day at a Time

I’m rarely inside a deli. Working from home has its advantages, and easy access to sandwiches is one of them. Plus, if and when I do leave the office for lunch, chances are I’m hunting for a spicy salmon roll, not a salmon salad on rye.

Be that as it may, this week I found myself at a Druxy’s twice in three days. Both times it was noonish, the deli was nearby and I needed a meal. On the second visit, I included in my order a butter tart for hubby, who’s on a weight-gaining diet (we won’t get into the mixed blessing that can be). The lady behind the counter handed it to me in a brown paper Druxy’s bag printed with a simple three-word message: “Be Good Today.”

I wasn’t sure if that was a command or a gentle suggestion. Either way, I would argue that the act of buying a favourite treat for my loved one already had me covered. Later, I checked out the company website and got the impression that this slogan is actually intended as a corporate goal. Druxy’s wants its franchise owners to care about their diners. Why the message is printed on the bags that are handed out to customers, as opposed to emblazoned on the wall over the workplace, is a mystery to me.

No matter. I like the idea of doling out encouragement, even if it’s on a wrapper destined for the rubbish bin. Sure, today I may have bought a pastry for my partner. But tomorrow is another day. If I need a little prompting to do good, all I have to do is drop into Druxy’s for a helpful written reminder.

A Druxy's paper bag

Sort of the deli version of a fortune cookie.

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