Courtesy at the Car Shop

Who says all car mechanics are rip-off artists? On his way to work yesterday morning, my hubby decided to stop in at our local garage to attend to a pesky burned-out turn indicator (pesky, because you never know when you might want to bear right). Did they have time, hubby asked, to change the bulb? Turns out they didn’t mind sparing a few minutes for him. And while they were at it, could they maybe check the interior light that had stopped working sometime around Christmas? Sure. It was only a matter of snapping off the plastic cover, applying some wiggle action and persuasion, and the bulb was lighting up again.

Talk about an accommodating group of grease monkeys. It would have been a different scenario entirely if hubby had gone to the local brand-name automotive service department: By the time he took a number, waited for his turn with the electrician, paid a hefty diagnostic fee for him even to lay eyes on the vehicle, and then shelled over the considerably-marked-up cost of one back turn indicator bulb, it would have cost my husband in both time and dough.

So how much, you’re probably wondering, did our local garage charge? That’s the best part. The mechanic headed into the shop for a quick chat with the shop owner, came back and announced, “We’ll get it the next time.” Final bill: zero.

Full disclosure: One of these mechanics has a brother-of-the-same-mother who lives two doors down from us. So if he screwed us, he’d probably get an earful. But we think he’s a nice guy all on his own.

Man behind wheel of vehicle

"Just can't wait to get on the road again..."

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