Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

Tutu Kind

My daughter cracked her pinky toe yesterday. It was a typical weekday morning at our house. Not that injuries happen on a daily basis. But rather, instead of getting dressed after breakfast, my kid was running full-speed down the hallway shouting at me to chase her – isn’t that how every household prepares for school? Her foot rudely collided with a wall corner, and howls of pain ensued. Poor kid. It meant a trip to the local hospital, waiting at triage, waiting at registration, waiting in the pediatric clinic, waiting in the fracture clinic, back to pediatrics, then being told by a doctor that toe fractures don’t really get treated anyway. By then, drive-through poutine was definitely in order.

But I do have a point to make today. It’s that whenever we spend hours in a healthcare setting, I’m always impressed by the opportunities for kindnesses, whether it’s consideration shown to us (a cheerful staff person who gushes nonstop) or small ways we can make a difference to others. In the pediatric clinic we pulled smiley faces at the fretting, fussing toddler, and he goggled at us and settled down for a few minutes. Outside X-ray we loaned the bored boy a copy of OWL magazine (of course I’m going to give this mag a shout-out, after all I write for it regularly, and did I mention how his eyes lit up at the sight of it?). When people are under the weather, bedraggled, less than par, it’s human nature to help out.

Of course we have nothing on Bob Carey of Brooklyn, New York: This guy regularly puts on a pink tutu to help sick people. And, what’s more, he takes photographic evidence of it and publishes it widely. It’s partly to raise money for the disease his wife is battling, and perhaps more importantly it makes her giggle. Laughter is the best medicine, right? And kindness is chock-full of vitamins.