Ain’t That Just Ducky

From the “everybody go awwwww” department: A Washington loan officer shows his soft side in this video, as he saves ducklings from otherwise plummeting to their certain demise. One at a time, they launch themselves off a building; one at a time, he deftly catches them.

It’s not that these babies, born on a second-floor window ledge, have a death wish. What they have is an inexorable instinct to pursue their mother’s quacks no matter from where they are issued – in this case, it’s the hard pavement below.

And can I just say our banker buddy Joel Armstrong succeeds most impressively? That’s probably because he went through all this once before, in the previous year, with the first feathery brood to hatch outside his office window. That time, he missed one of the ducklings as they took turns dropping to the ground. That he saved most of their lives was still an impressive feat, but my guess is the do-gooder was determined to top his previous record.

This video is actually three years old so I can’t call it news, just loveliness. And perhaps I can also call it a perfect way to spend a few minutes of your time on a Friday morning.

Female duck

If anyone knows where to find a parenting skills workshop for waterfowl…

2 responses to “Ain’t That Just Ducky

  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing this “old news” with us!

  2. Thanks! I guess old news is still good news.

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