Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Choc-a-Bloc with Charity

Is there a natural link between chocolate and kindness? You probably think so – I can think of a hundred reasons why I do – and, apparently, so does Anthon Berg. According to its tagline, this Copenhagen-based confectioner (and official chocolate supplier to the Danish monarchy) believes there’s no such thing as too much generosity. The company claims a history of handing out free samples to customers waiting outside its first store. Now it’s gone one step further, opening the first-ever Generous Store.

Never heard of such a thing? It’s a chocolate shop where you don’t spend money. Instead, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you pay the price of one good deed.

The store was open for just one day. Every package on the shelf displayed a “price tag.” The cost might be to help your mate with housecleaning, or speak nicely to your mother for a week. To make a purchase, patrons logged onto Facebook and publicly pledged the good deeds to their intended recipients. Then, transaction completed, they were permitted to leave the store with chocolatey treats in hand.

Clever marketing gimmick? Of course. But compared to other advertising options like in-your-face billboards or irritating jingles, I’d say spreading a message of generosity is not the worst way to sell a few marzipan bars.

And have I mentioned that eating more chocolate helps you stay thin? It’s true, if you believe a new study released by the University of California. Pass the truffles. I want to believe.

Box of chocolates

Generous spirit… genuine spirits in cream centres… what’s the difference?