Four-Meow Fire

What goes around, comes around. Three months ago, a guy in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, rescued a cat from the blustery winter by adopting her into his home. On Monday, she returned the favour – and then some.

As Shawn Delorme’s three-storey apartment building went up in flames, Chloe the cat persistently meowed and scratched the man’s face until he woke up from a deep sleep. His pet probably saved his life, he says in a news story.

Now Chloe’s missing. So if you happen to live in Moose Jaw, you too can do a good turn: Watch for a small-sized, highly intuitive calico cat wearing a purple and pink collar. This kind kitty deserves a hero’s medal, but I’m sure she’d settle for a tasty dish of tuna.

3 responses to “Four-Meow Fire

  1. I love reading stories like this, that shows how animals are very receptive and in tune with how you treat them, and they will always repay it in their own ways. Aww, I wish they’d be reunited soon.

  2. Me too! She sounds like a special cat. Thanks for your comment.

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