Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Good Eats for Easter

I know not everyone enjoyed a four-day weekend, but I hope many of you did. Because there’s something to be said for shunning the office, eschewing e-mail, dodging deadlines. Sure, time off desk work usually means, for me at least, a proportionate hike in housework and yard work. And it definitely entails a lot of meal-making for the family members who are suddenly hanging around the household a whole lot more than usual.

That’s why, at this time of year, I appreciate the meals that are made for me. I adore food, therefore any good deed that involves digestibles is tops as far as I’m concerned. This weekend, I was thankful for the Easter dinner that was shared with us. My neighbour knows that a 45-minute drive to a family get-together is not always an option for my husband, yet we can still down the glazed ham and pinot grigio like nobody’s business. So my neighbour’s invitation to merge our small family unit with her extended one was lovely. And I was grateful that our own lunch guests the next day, knowing we’d be housebound for the day, brought half the meal in order to lessen my load. It was a wonderful gesture, especially since the food was good.

Of course it’s the company that counts, not the consumables they offer. Together time with friends and family is the best gift of any long weekend. But together time with friends and family and delicious meals… that I didn’t have to cook? Now the party’s in full swing. I hope your weekend was as full of nourishment, in every sense of the word, as ours.

Picture of colourful painted Easter eggs

We’re not picky Easter eaters, but we do draw the line at three-day-old painted eggs.