Here’s One I’d Vote For

Any mayor who’s willing to run into a burning building to save a life gets my vote. Because really, metaphorically speaking, isn’t this what we want all our politicians to be doing?

His name is Cory Booker and he’s the chief magistrate of Newark, New Jersey’s biggest metropolis. (I’ve never been there, but its tourism website boasts, as local attractions, a lot of old mansions once owned by a bunch of wealthy brewers. Whatever puts you on the map.)

Anyway, Cory arrived home last Thursday night to find his neighbour’s house on fire. Even though his security team apparently tried to hold him back, he dashed into the flames to rescue the woman trapped inside. It must have taken a big dose of bravery. Cory admitted later he was terrified, he suffered smoke inhalation and second-degree burns to his hand, and couldn’t even see the woman at first through the flames. But he and a detective managed to find and save her, so all ended well.

I often brag about the people in my own community, whom I still believe are the best neighbours on the planet. But after hearing this story, I wouldn’t say no if Cory Booker did a little real estate shopping on my street. If his Newark neighbours didn’t appreciate him before, I imagine now he’s pretty much tops on all their party invitation lists.

2 responses to “Here’s One I’d Vote For

  1. Love these two stories Lisa and in my opinion, the recounting of each was just right. How DO you do that? My recollections are always so bland. LOL! Glad we have YOU!

  2. Hee hee… thanks, Darlene. It’s always great to know these stories are being read and enjoyed!

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