And So We Talked All Night about the Rest of Our Lives…

What do you remember from your high school prom? The two I attended were a long time ago, but a couple of things stand out: Our theme one year was Billy Joel’s “This is the Time” (which now makes me weep just as surely as Vitamin C’s “Graduation” song). And my prom date was a cute urban musician with a ponytail before there were ponytails. Partway through the sit-down dinner, he leaned over and said to me with a puzzled grin: “Someone just pulled on my hair.” (I went to school in a small town full of mullets.)

I also know that I had a couple of gorgeous prom dresses, thanks to a creative mother who was master of the sewing machine. My gowns shimmered in ruby red and sapphire blue and they both made me feel like a princess. Thanks, Mom.

Wouldn’t you love to make another teenaged girl feel like royalty at her prom?

At this time of year, a number of North American organizations are accepting donated dresses for high school students who can’t afford them. Whether you’ve got a cocktail dress or an evening gown, a Vera Wang original or a Walmart knock-off… if it’s hanging in your closet doing nothing but rubbing shoulders with your work suits, maybe instead it can go to good use. Your gently used gown might make the difference between a girl staying home on prom night, and going out to dance her three-inch heels off.

Here, here and here are a few links to get you started. In the U.S., use this directory to find a drop-off location near you. Or, from anywhere, Google “donate a prom dress” to find oodles of drop-off locations.

I don’t actually know what happened to my hand-stitched dresses. But I do know what happened to the guy with the ponytail – last I heard, he’d become the TV co-host of a home improvement show.

We grow up, and we move on. But our dresses don’t have to stay behind.

Lisa as a teenager in a red prom dress.

Don’t laugh. It was the eighties.

4 responses to “And So We Talked All Night about the Rest of Our Lives…

  1. Wow…. memories! What an awesome message and of course love the picture!!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Isn’t it something? No wrinkles or grey hairs, wide-eyed and innocent… I suppose I could tell that 18-year-old a thing or two!

  3. Here is another resource to donate your dress:

    A local thrift store also takes them and ensures that they are the right price for the girls who need them.

  4. Thank you – the more links, the better! And a thrift shop is a great idea too, because it means lower-priced dresses for the girls, plus proceeds often go to charity.

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