Darling, Inside and Out

It’s no real surprise that when Gap, Inc., put out a call for new angel faces for its upcoming marketing campaign, the company received hundreds of thousands of photos from parents all over North America. After all, every one of us is raising the most breathtakingly beautiful child on the planet, aren’t we? It must have been quite a task for the panel of judges who winnowed the entries down to a shortlist of twenty tykes.

What’s neat is that two Canadian kids are among the finalists. (And yes, they’re both gorgeous.)

One of them, 11-year-old Liam Hadfield of Waterdown, Ontario, clearly won over the Gap reps with his stunning blue eyes and sweet smile. But beauty is more than skin deep with this lad. When he was shortlisted in the contest, he had grown his hair long for a wig drive organized at his school that would benefit cancer patients.

Turns out the Gap folks must’ve liked the philanthropic look, because they wanted him to keep his long hair for a photo shoot of all the pint-sized finalists. That meant Liam wouldn’t be able to submit his hair in the school collection.

Not a problem for this bighearted bambino. He’s now planning his own fundraiser to help people with cancer, and he’ll donate his hair at the same time.

He sounds like a pretty nifty kid. “Mostly he’s just a treat to be around,” his dad is quoted as saying. If you’re interested in supporting Liam or any of the other cutie-pie contestants, you can vote here.

2 responses to “Darling, Inside and Out

  1. Darling, inside and out, indeed. We also have to remember and support the kids who may not do things in such a public way, but who are making their mark just the same. The future is in good hands with kids like this.

  2. I agree! (Although he had me at the stunning blue eyes…) Thanks for commenting!

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