Daily Archives: June 29, 2012

What a Trip

Lake scene
The dismissal bell has barely stopped vibrating, but many of us are in full vacation mode already. Not me – I have a few more deadlines to meet before I can hit the power-off switch on my ’puter. But lots of folks are leaving this weekend for cottage country, beach bonanzas or farm fiestas.

Last summer, a friend of mine wrote to let me know that she’d developed a new good-deed habit on her frequent travels through the Canadian Rockies. It began because she often stops at lookout points to take photos. “I started to offer to take pictures of families (with their cameras), so they have an impromptu family picture of their trip,” she said. In return, the response was pretty appreciative: “Their delight in having a group shot has got me to keep offering the picture taking.”

In August I wrote about the handsome young Jones boys, who collected toys and gifts leading up to their holiday to Jamaica, and then donated the whole whack of goods to a children’s home there.

Summer-vacation acts of sweetness can be small, like slathering a pal with sunscreen on those hard-to-reach shoulders, or helping a child find a beach shell. Or they can be big-time, like volunteering at a camp for underprivileged kids.

What are your ideas for good deeds you can do on vacation? I’d love to hear them. (And then, can you do my shoulders?)