Turn Around, Bright Eyes

If you happen to live near Prince Edward Island (and you’re not prone to vertigo), you may have taken this weekend’s opportunity to visit the region’s first-ever rotating house. The 5,000-square-foot dwelling shaped roughly like a Boston cream doughnut is currently under construction in North Rustico.

It’s designed to turn one full rotation every 45 minutes. That means no matter what room you’re in, if you stay there long enough, you’ll have a beautiful ocean view. (Note to guests: Bring reading material into the bathroom.)

The house is a compelling sight to passing strangers. So homeowners Steve and Stephanie Arnold decided to open their partially-finished doors to the public on Saturday, for a modest $5 per person. They threw in music and a barbecue for a real warm neighbourhood get-together.

All money raised was directed to their community’s fire department, to help purchase a rescue truck. Which means that any neighbours who supported the cause were also helping themselves. And they only had to get a little dizzy to do it.

Fortune from a fortune cookie says: "You believe in the goodness of people."

Things that make you go hmmm: Looky what I found in my fortune cookie…

2 responses to “Turn Around, Bright Eyes

  1. Nice post. I will surely visit it if Iget the chance . Would love to have a rotating house of my own.

  2. Thanks, Dennis. I’m surrounded by houses instead of ocean, so I don’t know if my own particular address would do a rotating house justice… but it’s definitely a neat concept!

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