Pictures Perfect

Some people love a challenge. So confesses my tech-minded friend R., who was determined to find a way to extract irreplaceable photos from my old cell phone. Especially when the service provider’s agent told him it couldn’t be done.

See, I’d upgraded to one of them newfangled smart gadgets. But I wasn’t ready to give away my old flip phone while it still held a clutch of precious memories. Some of those pics were several years old and priceless: snapshots captured in the pumpkin patch or park with my child, at the greenhouse with Grandma, in restaurants with friends. And there was no straightforward way to capture them, save e-mailing them to myself one at a time at a cost of about seven bucks apiece.

Enter R., who can peer into the gears of anything. He found a roundabout, rather sneaky way to get at them (it’s probably best if I don’t know the details, but the word “hacking” was used at least once). He wrote with satisfaction to tell me the photos were home free, and I was delighted. Excuse me now while I go take another walk down memory lane…

Good deed indeed.

Photo of girl inside transparent plastic ball, floating on a pool

Irreplaceable Photo Number Twenty Three: Wouldn’t any parent reach for their camera phone while their child plays in a floating hamster ball?

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