Daily Archives: August 28, 2012

Sealed with a Kiss

If you’re up for another story about a sweet kid, let me tell you about the daughter of my friend Susanna. Her name is Julia. As a future marine biologist (not to mention aspiring Broadway performer), she’s devoted to helping sea mammals.

In the past, Julia has baked goods and made necklaces to raise funds for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California, where sick or injured seals and sea lions are rehabbed and released. This past weekend, Julia raised the stakes. To mark her bat mitzvah, the 12-year-old organized her own animal-rescue fundraising carnival at her neighbourhood park in Bonita Canyon, California. She’s clearly a persuasive as well as caring girl, since the preteen managed to get her hands on a donated bouncy castle and snow cone machine, in addition to convincing her friends to help with face painting and games.

Her mom reports success. Julia raised $500 through carnival activities and $300 more from her bake and jewellery sales. “She was quite pleased with herself, and very excited for the animals,” Susanna says.

There’s more: At Julia’s upcoming bar mitzvah celebration, the flower budget will be blown instead on basket centerpieces stuffed with items the marine mammal centre can use. “I’d rather do something we can donate than spend a whole bunch of money on something we are going to throw away,” she told a local newspaper reporter.

I haven’t seen Julia in person since she was a baby. But it’s clear that this talented girl is growing into a thoughtful human being. On behalf of all the cute-looking seals, way to go.