Daily Archives: September 4, 2012

High on Fives

For most of the kids in my community, today is the first day back to school. High five.

For those moms and dads who spent all summer entertaining the offspring, you made it through. High five.

Doesn’t that feel pretty great? Maybe that’s why Steve Gillon of Hamilton, Ontario, is passing out free palm-slaps. It’s a way of drawing attention to his pet causes, heart disease and cancer – both leading removers of beloved people, including his Nana Franny, his Poppa Fred and his Uncle Mike. Our sympathies, Steve.

Steve has already raised several thousand dollars for medical and other charities, and is determined to keep it up. He’s filmed a video, launched a website (appointing himself the Founder-slash-Dude), and is set to sell T-shirts with such catchy slogans as “Heart Disease is a Dick.” (If you agree, you can place your pre-order here.)

Thanks to determined founder-dudes like Steve, we can continue the fight against heart disease and cancer.

High five to that. Now don’t leave me hanging.