That’s How We Roll

In my family, sushi is important enough to be considered its own food group. It’s a rare week when I don’t partake in tuna nigiri or a spicy salmon hand roll (no, I don’t want to know the calorie count). And my child has been naming sushi as her favourite meal since the age of five.

So there we were the other night, having our fix at our regular place. The bill was dropped off at our table after the meal, along with the usual handful of little fruity candies.

Let it be known that at this particular restaurant, little fruity candies always come with every bill. And furthermore, let the records show that although we usually unwrap one or two on the spot, there are always extras and those I slip into the front pocket of my bag for “later.” Later means when we’re out somewhere and craving a sweet, or my husband needs a quick sugar lift, or I’m about to enter a meeting with a sudden conviction that my breath needs freshening.

But my purse pocket is roomy, these candies collect, and recently they had amassed to the point where I was able to dig out no fewer than twenty-six bon-bons. Not knowing their age or general quality, I did a minor purse-purge and resolved to start again from scratch.

That’s why, when the bill and the fruity candies came to our table yesterday, I put down my hand to claim them just as my daughter tried to snatch them up. There were six or seven, and she wanted more than one. “These are for my purse,” I insisted. “We need them for later.”

My 13-year-old firmly expressed her belief that this was patently unfair. Of course I didn’t want to begrudge her a couple of tiny sweets. But I explained to her again that there would be a time when she or her dad or I would want one, and it was better for everybody if I had a stockpile again.

That’s when the smiling (and acutely hearing) waitress came over and dropped eight more candies on our table.

Kind of embarrassing, of course. Did the whole world hear our silly table talk? But that didn’t stop me from laughing hard and thanking the server more than once. It was a nice thing for her to do.

And now, if I bump into you somewhere and you decide you really could benefit in that moment from a tiny fruit-flavoured sugar treat, all you need to do is ask. You’ll know I’m well supplied.

Assortment of tiny fruit candies

Yep, I’ve got all the essentials: dental floss, Purell, lip gloss, subway tokens and a truckload of teeny tiny fruit drops.

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