Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Out of Work but in the Zone

I received a phonecall from a friend of mine this weekend. Her husband lost his job. He had no warning. The family of four is devastated, not knowing how they’ll meet their monthly expenses, wondering how they can cut back.

A day later, I saw what she’d posted on her Facebook page. Was she pity-partying (“Need a hug, we’re unemployed now“) or, worse, vaguebooking (“My world is crumbling…”)?

Nope. My open-hearted friend was posting instead about the charity event she and her family had participated in over the weekend. She used the adjective “amazing” liberally. She sounded exhuberant.

And why shouldn’t she be? Contributing to a cause can help you cope with those events that smack you across the face. It can distract you, remind you that while you’re dealing with a job loss – or an aging parent or a bully boss or a diet fail – you’re not the only one who’s struggling. And, of course, there’s that kindness kickback, that feeling a few notches better just because you know you’re making a difference.

So, today’s advice to the job seekers: File away your ROE, sure. Update your resume, naturally. Submit your applications where appropriate, of course.

Then go get high on helping.