Good Buy

My friend Kevin is still buzzing after an encounter at the grocery store left him gobsmacked – and his pantry a little better stocked.

He was at his neighbourhood Sobey’s in Halifax, picking up a few essential items. Kevin knows these aisles and he was making good time, even hoping to make it back home before the six o-clock news. “I was doing very well, I thought, in and out!” he says.

Once at checkout, Kevin qualified for the express lane and remained optimistic. He started chatting in line (as we all tend to do) with the woman ahead of him. My friend ascertained that the woman was from Vancouver, in town to visit her kid at Dalhousie University, and had stopped in at Sobey’s to “load up the larder” for said daughter and roommates.

As they talked, the lady helped him unpack his shopping basket (Kevin, incidentally, has a disability). But when it came time for my pal to pony up for his purchases, he was suddenly at a loss. Literally. With a sinking feeling, he realized his wallet was still at home.

You know where this is going, don’t you? Well, maybe you didn’t predict the part about Kevin’s involuntary cuss words and crimson blushes. But you probably guessed that the woman would come through. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll get them for you!” Above Kevin’s protests, and with a complete calm, she shelled out for his grocery bill.

“I was completely blown away by her kindness. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen any more… but it did!” Kevin says. (Now, faithful reader, you and I know that this kind of thing happens exactly all the time, don’t we?)

“She made my day – indeed my week, especially since I’d had a horrible time the day before,” Kevin added.

“Here is another incidence of generosity prevailing in this cynical, tired old world!”

Man with bagpipes performing at microphone

…And here’s Kevin contributing in his own special way to the wedding day of my husband and me, many years ago. Kindness – and talent – abound.

3 responses to “Good Buy

  1. Kindness to each other does happen all the time, and stepping up, or stepping in, to help someone does happen more than we know, but it’s always great to hear about it, and be inspired to help a stranger in our own way.

  2. I completely agree, Christine! It kinda breaks my heart when people don’t believe this to be true. More on that later (maybe Friday; stay tuned!). Thanks for posting.

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