I Heart Lifesaving Skills

Let’s say a total stranger collapses at the shopping mall. The unthinkable has happened; their heart has stopped. Your first instinct may be to help. But before you can act, someone else steps up. They’re checking for a pulse or doing chest compressions or otherwise appearing as though they know their way around a first-aid course or two. So you back off. There’s nothing more, after all, that you can do… is there?

Wrong, say researchers at the Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. They studied over 5,000 dire situations. And they found that when people go into cardiac arrest in a public place, their odds of surviving are higher if two people try to help – and they’re doubled if three people pitch in.

The researchers aren’t actually sure how many of the guardian angels in their study knew or performed CPR. That seems to me a critical bit of missing information. Were these various team members actually helping to pound a heart back into life, or were they simply throwing out encouraging words to the ones with their sleeves rolled up?

Regardless, there is separate research to prove that CPR saves lives. In fact, the hands-only method, where you don’t do any mouth breaths, has the same success rate in adults as traditional CPR. Intrigued? Learn how to do it here at this link. (And then, good luck shaking the “Staying Alive” earworm that follows. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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