Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

Transplant with a Twist

On Tuesday we talked about hearts; today we’re talking about kidneys. Two kidneys, in fact. These organs began their journey together, but have now gone their separate ways, each one generously donated to a person who couldn’t live without it.

But because of a peculiar quirk of fate, this pair of kidneys will probably always stay in close contact. Their new hosts – both young women in Halifax, Nova Scotia – just happen to be solid friends.

Lisa Walsh-Kirk, age 24, and her pal Jessica are kindred spirits who met when they were 12. Until recently, both women were recipients of donor kidneys that were failing. And until recently, both women were on a very long transplant list, in essence competing with each other for an organ they both desperately needed.

When Lisa got the call, after five long years of waiting, that a kidney was available for her, she headed for the hospital in a state of shock – and was further blown away to find Jessica already there. Turns out her friend had gotten the same call. It quickly became clear that the two young ladies were both about to benefit from the exact same kidney donor.

“It was meant to be,” said Lisa, who even got to be roomies with her bestie while they recovered. She added in a news story that she would love to meet her donor’s family one day, and promises to take top-notch care of her new kidney.