Go to Temple

What is ostensibly planned as a promo for a biopic turns into a pow-wow about benevolence. Watch this lovely four-minute TV interview with Temple Grandin, who is probably the world’s most famous autistic woman (I’d say the title of most famous autistic man is sewn up by Bill Gates, if the buzz is true).

Turns out Temple is a big fan of being nice to others. In her chat with CBC’s George Stromboulopoulous, she promotes Roy Rogers’ legendary Rider’s Club Rules (which include “be courteous and polite” and “protect the weak and help them”), disapproves of any TV show that includes the phrase “You are the weakest link,” and advocates a kinder, softer touch with animals.

Temple Grandin, the made-for-TV movie starring Claire Danes as the Grandin dame herself, has been out for a couple of years. And this TV interview is almost as old. So forgive me for stale news – but then again, sweetness never gets stale, does it?

2 responses to “Go to Temple

  1. Heather Stonehouse

    Thanks for posting this clip, Lisa. I always meant to watch the Temple Grandin movie, and now I will look it up. Fascinating woman!

  2. Me too – this has got me interested!

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