Toy Story

James Groccia’s parents have reason to be proud of their kid. Not only did he save up for two whole years to buy a one-hundred-dollar LEGO train set, but when he discovered the toy had been discontinued after he’d finally raised the cash to pay for it, he took action. The 10-year-old wrote a letter to the toy company’s corporate headquarters, eloquently communicating his disappointment and describing the Emerald Train as the “LEGO set of my dreams.” Did they by chance, he asked politely, happen to have any leftover sets kicking about?

James has loved LEGO since he was four. He plays with it every single day. James has Asperger syndrome, and he’s even part of a LEGO playgroup to help him work on his social skills.

He explained all this in his letter. Then he signed it, “Your most loyal LEGO fan.”

That was in September. In October, a large box was shipped to James’ Massachusetts home with his name on it. One of his parents set up a hidden camera and caught his priceless reaction as the “world’s most loyal LEGO fan” opens the package to discover none other than the “LEGO set of his dreams.” This is what the happiest boy on the planet looks like.

It was a sweet gift, and the reception couldn’t have been better. But the letter enclosed in the package was just as uplifting. “I commend your willpower and patience to save money for over two years just to purchase this set,” wrote Megan, identifying herself as a consumer services advisor. In the video, James reads her entire letter out loud: “We are excited to know that we could help make this dream come true for you… Who knows, maybe you will be working for the LEGO Group one day. You certainly have the heart and passion for our work to do so.”

The Groccias posted these captured moments on YouTube, calling the video “Why LEGO is the BEST Company in the World.” LEGO admits this isn’t a good deed they can pull off every day, but I’m betting the team is feeling almost as proud as James’ mom and dad.

“We’re really humbled by the family’s gesture to share this moment,” a rep told me. “We’re happy to see joy-filled news spread so far.”

Very happy child

Come on. Wouldn’t you grab at any opportunity to make a kid produce this expression?

2 responses to “Toy Story

  1. This may well be my favorite story you have posted so far, keep them coming…

  2. That means so much, Anne! Thank you! Excuse me now, I have an urge to get my hands on some LEGO…

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