The Shirt Off Her Back

My sweet girl knows her way around good deeds. Once or twice I’ve trumpeted her kindnesses on this blog. Very many go unsung. Today, I will sing.

My daughter’s non-profit choir held a fundraiser recently. And as the children successfully went about collecting cash from friends and rellies, their names were entered into weekly draws. In fundraising lingo this is called incentive. Of course, all the kids were pining for prizes.

On the very last day of draws, a selection of choir merchandise was laid out on the table. The second-last name to be called was music to my daughter’s ears. She approached the table to make her pick.

But there were just two items left: a pair of bluebird-coloured choir sweatshirts. One was size small – which fits my thirteen-year-old daughter to a tee (no pun intended) – and the other was extra-large.

My kid was all set to take the small shirt. Then she got a look at the slight, ten-year-old girl approaching the table after her, the kid whose name had been drawn last. My daughter sized her up (no pun intended here either), and made up her mind.

“Here, you’d better have this one,” she said, thrusting the size-small at the tinier tot.

That left my do-good daughter with an XL shirt. She can’t wear it, but she can swim in it. Still, she wants to keep it for sentimental reasons. Frame it? I’m just brainstorming here.

Kids are naturally kind. All we need to do as parents, really, is make sure it sticks.

Maybe a quilt? Still brainstorming.

Maybe a quilt? Still brainstorming.

4 responses to “The Shirt Off Her Back

  1. Good job Emily.
    Your right Lisa, kids are naturally kind.
    It looks like it would simply comfy for her to curl up in. Literally entirely in.

  2. Ah, yes, more on the quilt/bedding theme! I think you’re right, Jody. Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. Lisa, I am not at all surprised that your daughter did this good deed. She is her Mama’s girl. I’ve seen people take shirts from different events and make quilts or pillows from them if they can’t, or no longer want to wear them. For now, have her display or hang it proudly as an example and reminder of her good deed.

  4. Thanks, Christine! She loves her XL sweatshirt, even if she can never wear it. And how often, anyway, do you come across a wardrobe item in rich bluebird?

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