My True Love Gave to Me WHAT?

And here you thought the 12 days of Christmas were reserved for swimming swans and pipers piping. Galt Toys, a U.K.-based educational toy company, is holding a good deeds contest and calling it their “12 Days of Christmas Kindness Competition.” The winner gets 200 pounds – that’s British currency, not holiday-cookie weight – to spend on an online toy shopping spree.

How do you enter? First, commit an act of kindness. You know how to take care of this step on your own. Next, announce your good deed to Galt Toys on Twitter (@Galttoys), by email ( or on Facebook.

Other people have already joined in the competition, a quick scan of the Facebook page confirms. Zoe and her daughter bought coffee and a sandwich for a homeless man. Amarjit writes: “A woman was struggling to carry her child’s pushchair up some stairs and l carryed [sic] it for her.” Rachel reports: My good deed was today helping our elderly neighbour change his tyre.” (Of course I’m quoting directly here. I don’t often get a chance to repeat words like “tyres” and “pushchairs.”)

It’s not too late for you to sign up, too. The contest closes at midday tomorrow (which is approximately breakfast time, for those of us in North America). Go do your deed, spread the word on Galt, and maybe win lots of British playthings.

Baby not included. Sorry.

Baby not included. Sorry.

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