Lace Up

Happy 2013! If you live in northeast Calgary and enjoy sports of the snow-and-ice variety, here’s an easy good deed to get your year started. Give a guy a break and go skating on the spanking-new, three-acre public rink in his yard near McKnight and 84th Street. Norm Price spent hours designing and building this labour of love, only to have no one show up. We’re not asking much on your part. You’ll pay no admission fees, maybe score a free and steaming hot chocolate if you’re lucky, then do a few figure-eights on the ice – and let Norm know his goodwill hasn’t been wasted.

4 responses to “Lace Up

  1. If I lived closer, I would for sure go for a skate on his rink, will send this to my friend Kari who lives there…

  2. Great idea… spread the word!

  3. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I lived there! How nice of him to do this. Now that folks know about his kindness, I’m sure he’ll be overwhelmed with skaters.

  4. Let’s hope you’re right! It’s a bit of a downer when no one shows up to your party, isn’t it? After such a generous gesture, he deserves a big crowd!

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